Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Divorce in Arizona?

In Arizona a divorce is called a "Dissolution of Marriage." Residents of Arizona who have lived in Arizona for more than 90 days may petition the Arizona Superior Court for a Dissolution of Marriage.

If both parties and all minor children have resided in the state for more than six months, Arizona will have jurisdiction over the divorce, property, custody, and support. In order for Arizona to have jurisdiction over child custody, the children involved must have lived in Arizona for at least six months.

If you have lived in Arizona for more than 90 days but your spouse has never lived here, the Court may grant a dissolution of the marriage, upon proper service on your spouse, and divide property and debts in Arizona. If your spouse never lived in Arizona, the Court cannot order your spouse to pay child support or spousal maintenance, or to pay debts.

by: Sandra Tedlock

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