Praise from Clients of Sandra Tedlock

“Very Professional and always prompt with answers to my questions. Great support given!”
- Tho

“I had the very best experience having Sandra represent me. Divorce is a difficult process even with the most cooperative situations. This was a very challenging situation and Sandra stayed with me to the end with the utmost professionalism and couldn't have been more fair to both parties. She is excellent and I would highly recommend her representation.!”
- Denise

“Sandra Tedlock helped me tremendously when it came to my divorce and child support. She was very honest, explained everything I needed to know simply and got back to me immediately. I was so lost, but towards the end we came up with something reasonable. What mostly helped was her calmness. With divorce, emotions run high and she kept grace which helped me stay level headed and on track. I would highly recommend.”
- Ashley Rodriguez

“Divorce is a stressful process. I went through a divorce after a long (30+ years) marriage. My wife and her attorney made it a very contentious matter. I was very lucky to have Sandra Tedlock as my legal counsel. She has the technical knowledge and demeanor to represent you and ensure that you achieve a fair and equitable outcome! Sandra and her team provided me excellent legal representation! Whether it was explaining the legal process of divorce, executing the legal paperwork required for divorce or arguing your case in court; Sandra was always prepared! Her professionalism, knowledge, and courtroom skills led to a successful decision in my case!

If you are looking for an attorney that will provide you great legal representation in a divorce case, I would wholeheartedly recommend Sandra Tedlock. She will provide you with personalized, professional representation. Divorce is a costly process; emotionally and financially. Put you case in the hands of an attorney that will provide you the BEST representation; that attorney is SANDRA TEDLOCK!”
- Michael

“Sandra Tedlock is a fantastic divorce lawyer. She represented me recently in a divorce case that had many financial complications, and her expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to the client ensured that the case had a very positive outcome to me.

Sandra's calm and steady demeanor shouldn't lead one to believe that she's not willing to fight for her clients — on numerous times in the courtroom and in other negotiations, she held her ground and prevailed over the other party's attorney. Although a divorce is by nature a stressful and confusing event, I am very thankful that I chose Sandra to represent me.”
- Brent

“Sandra Tedlock handled my case with a high degree of urgency and expertise, great communications, excellent advice and always kept my best interest on center stage. When the other side would try to drag the proceeding's out, she took steps to get things back on target. She always kept me informed with an email or phone call. She was always in my corner. She was tough when it was needed and fought hard for me. I never doubted that she was genuinely concerned about the outcome. I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone needing her services.”
- Dave

“Sandra is an amazing attorney with a great deal of integrity. She helped me through a difficult event in my life (divorce) and did not turn my divorce proceedings into a circus as so many other attorneys do. I highly recommend her.”
- Sal

“I would highly recommend Sandra Tedlock to anyone who needs legal assistance. Sandra is extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. Her office staff is helpful and also professional. Sandra offered me great council and was a real advocate for me. She demonstrated she could be tough when necessary and fought for my best interests. I will rely on her legal expertise again in the future.”
- Lisa

“Sandra guided me through a very difficult time of my life. I felt very comfortable confiding in her. I felt like I could always get the advice I needed to complete the legal process and allow me to move on with my life. I will use Sandra's services for any other legal matters I encounter.”
- Steve

“Sandra did meticulous work and dogged research on a very fiscally complicated decree. She was solely responsible for all representation and went out of her way to help with connected issues. She is a credit to the legal profession.”
- Janet

“Thank you for all of the help you provided to me during this difficult time. Your professionalism, advice and just knowing I had someone on my side was and is very much appreciated. I am very happy I made the decision to come to you.”
- Mark

"I refer my friends to Sandra.  I think that says it all."
- Art

"From the very first office visit to Sandra's office I know that I had selected a professional that would not only represent me to the best of her ability, but would and did guide me though the legal maze of Arizona's complex marriage dissolution procedures.  I had asked for the "best" and received nothing less!"
- Marshall

"In handling my recent dissolution of marriage case, Sandra Tedlock was always professional, positive and very personable.  She guided me through the legal process in a calm and collected manner.  I always felt confident in the advice that she offered and I appreciated her willingness to let me prepare the necessary compilations of financial information and other essential supporting documents for her use.  Sandra was always fair and reasonable in spending her time earnestly and efficiently on my behalf.  As a result, I considered her fees for service to be very reasonable in light of the complexities of the case that we both had to manage.

Sandra also assisted me with my estate planning. I found her to be very competent and helpful in preparing the necessary documents to complete a comprehensive estate plan suitable to my situation.

I would not hesitate in asking Sandra for legal assistance in the futue and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal assistance having to do with divorce and family law matters and personal estate planning."
- Allan

"Sandra Tedlock was extremely professional, honest, articulate, and thoughtful while I was going through my painful divorce process. I came in confused, scared, and unsure of myself and didn't know what to do. She explained everything to me in great detail and respected my thoughts, feelings, questions, and gave me assurance that my future will be financially secure. Throughout the divorce, she regularly kept in contact with me through phone calls and emails and kept me aware of all the communication she had with my ex's attorney. It's been nine months since my divorce was finalized and I'm doing better than ever before. I highly recommend Sandra Tedlock as a divorce attorney."
- Kate

"The response and attention given by Sandra and her team has always been 'spot on.'"
- Leo

"Sandra used the perfect combination of expertise and compassion in helping me through my divorce. I am extremely grateful for the outcome which was the result of her hard work and dedication to my case."
- Suzanne

"Sandra, is honest truthful and very knowledgeable. She treated me and my ex wife with great respect and compassion during a difficult time in our life. Thank you for your respect and honestly."
- Bill

"Sandra was an immense help to me during the most difficult and painful months of my life. Clear and facilitative in her explanations of legal processes, she guided me through the tangles of a divorce, always patient and good-humored. It was wonderful working with someone for whom I had utmost professional respect and whom, at the same time, I liked as a person."
- Mike

"Sandra listens carefully, is highly organized, and works hard. I was completely comfortable working with her from day one. Sandra is a class act in every way."

"I was very pleased with the service that Sandra Tedlock provided. She was very professional and understanding. I would definitely recommend her."
- Leslie

"I was very happy with the service provided, and if I ever need help again I will definitely hire her."
- Mary

"Used just Sandra for both parties and she was fair to both and used common law sense."
- Antonio

"Very professional and realistic. I was always confident that her advice was appropriate and in my interest and she was not making a backroom deal like my former attorney tried to do. I consider her very ethical."
- TN

"Sandra is a lawyer that does not try to add complications to the divorce process. She is very helpful in keeping emotions calm and focusing all parties on the mission at hand separate from the side issues that can easily cause the expense of the process to become very large. I appreciated her representation because she knows the law and at the same time seemed to have a sense when not to inflame the issues. Opposing counsel seemed to be determined to increase the emotions and introduce side issues that were not productive. Sandra was very effective in bringing the focus back to only the critical issues that needed to be addressed. The result was a process that completed the job with minimal distraction."
- Chris

Praise from Attorneys

“Not only was I a client of Sandra's, I am also an attorney practicing in Arizona for 27 years. I found Sandra to be professional, knowledgeable, a fighter without being unpleasant about it, punctual, a hard worker - and truly there for me. It would be hard to ask for more. Thank you Sandra.
- Steve P

“Sandra has been a leader in family law in our community for years. As another Tucson divorce attorney, my experiences with Sandra have been professional and focused on reaching resolution without court intervention. The result is that I always can depend on her integrity and dedication to her clients and the legal field.”
- Steve Centuori